Borax fleas a how to guide

How to Borax fleas . A beginners guide on how to rid your house of fleas. First off let me just say this is not a one time quick fix. Although it will get rid of fleas it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll never come back. One thing that you must understand is this that you will have to borax fleas in your entire house and not just one room. This includes carpets floors and even hardwood. Couches chairs and your pets bedding. The first thing you need to do is decide where to start. In the past I am usually started where the fleas seem to be the worst. That’s usually where the cats hang out the most and Our dog’s favorite chair which just happened to be in the living room. One thing you must remember is that whichever room that you starting you need to have this room clubs golf for no less than eight hours but preferably 24 hours.

What you will need to Borax fleas

2. A shaker container – You can make one out of no mason jar and poking holes in it with a nail. You’re basically making a salt shaker. I like to use these lunch meat containers that I get from the store. They are like Tupperware with the snap on lids , just Make holes in the lid and fill that with Borax and when I’m done I can just throw it away.
3.A broom you can use your everyday broom but I would advise that you rinse it out after he is done
a Home Dust Mask or respirator
4.3.Extra pair of shoes- slip on
5.Safety Glasses doesn’t hurt
6..This isn’t necessary but what I did is I put a fan in the window and use it to exhaust the dust that is left in the air. Not that there’s a lot if any but it does seem to help keep it down, when you have to go back and dust everything and don’t forget to open a second window to let fresh air into the room.

One more thing make a small test on your carpets and your furniture and leave over tonight to see if they’ll be any staining or discoloration. I have done this before but I have never had borax to change the tint of any color whatsoever.

Okay now to have everything you need let’s get started.
First thing decide which room you going to first like i mentioned earlier the room it seems to have the most fleas or possibly a room that we don’t need And can be closed up and left overnight. Which in my case has always been the living room that’s where we hang out and where that’s where seems to get the worst amount. So what I did I just tell everybody they are living room and even go as far as taking plastic drop calls like what you would use for painting to seal up the entrance way and put a couple of chairs in front .
not take your container that you filled with Borax and poke holes in the lid and start to sprinkle it pretty much everywhere. On the carpets couch chairs make sure you get in the cracks and crevices along the age. Remove the cushions from the couch sprinkled Borax underneath them as well. You may need to move some things around just make sure that you get everything covered and I don’t mean covering Katie can’t see the color of the fabric of what Under it- you just want to give it a light dusting.
Now if that done take your broom and lightly sweep across your carpets you want to get it down into the fabric where the fleas and eggs are don’t want to sleep it up try to get down in deep down inside. now leave the room seal off your entrance close the door whatever you have to do and this is where the extra pair she comes from. When I step out of that room always like to change you so I don’t track  allover the house. Leave the borax as long as you possibly can long were the better as this will give the fleas longer time to come in contact with the Borax. What I like to do here is startling bedroom that is being used and wash the pets bedding. I also ad about a quarter cup of borax to the wash machine while I am watching the pets bedding.

Vacuuming your Borax flea room
To clean your house is the make a better the environment and fleas do not like clean environments. When starting to borax fleas,what you need to do is for one week vacuum every day without fail. After you have let your Borax sick at least overnight you can return to the room and start vacuuming. Just make sure you get everything up , do a thorough job at this I cannot stress this enough. This will not only pick up the Borax but also the dead fleas and there eggs. I usually do this room first when I vacuum and then continue on to other room. This will also pick up more fleas, but having the Borax in the vacuum cleaner well that only makes sense now doesn’t.

Again this is not a one time cure-all. You may have to go back and apply it again Borax fleas is a simple answer to a common problem and it works.

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