Borax Fleas-Is it Safe for Pets?

Is borax safe for your pets,the answer is yes. Let’s make one thing clear borax laundry detergent not boric acid. I read a comment on another site where a woman’s cat had to have surgery from a brain tumor .afterwards it was discover the cat had boric acid in its system. There a big difference between borax like laundry detergent and boric acid. I don’t see how they could be confused .
To me and this is just my opinion it is no more poisonous than another laundry powder like tide or cheer.


You won’t let your cat or dog around it or lick it off the floor or ingest it. The most important part of borax fleas is the clean up. I always vacuum the room twice just to make sure I get all of it. Then wiping down everything a pet would come into contact with . Like window sills . Our big male cat Mr Wallace (you can see him on the about page) likes to camp out on the sill for naps. I even go as far to wipe their paws off before I go to bed that night.
Borax fleas is not rocket science ,just use common sense you and your pets will be fleas free in no time.

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