Borax fleas on Hardwood floors

borax fleas on hardwood floorsBorax fleas on hardwood floors ?Yes you can. The application is a little different than on carpet,but the results are the same.Although it does take some doing to get the borax into the seems and cracks some hardwood floors have. If you have read  the” How to Guide” you will get a basic understanding on how to get stated. Lets take the dinning room.Mine is a hardwood and I have used borax on them a couple of times with good results .

I usually start by removing everything I can. All is better if possible.One thing you should always remember is to vacuum the area first before you sprinkle the borax powder. Sprinkle borax from the deepest point in the room to  back to you entry way and by sprinkle I mean a lite dusting  just don’t over do it.

Borax  fleas on  hardwood floors

Then taking a broom,preferably one with stiff  bristles move the powder back and forth to work it into the cracks. Making sure to get all of the edges along the walls. As always keep this room off limits to family members and pets during the time you have given it to work. I like to wait at least 48 hours, but I have waited as little as 12 hours and have cleared the room of fleas. You may want to try wait until the evening around 6 pm then  let it sit overnight and clean up the next morning.Vacuum first ,then I like to run a Damp Clean Mop over to pick up any remaining residue.

After you have applied Borax  fleas on hardwood floors you should vacuum the area once a day for one week . After this time if any fleas are still present a second dusting may be necessary.

Good Luck..

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