Borax Fleas Tips- Easy ways to get rid of Fleas

borax fleasUsing a household laundry detergent like 20 Mule team that is made from all natural Borax will not only rid your house of fleas it will make it smell better to.It is no secret that borax will kill fleas. Which it does not do on contact,it slowly cuts into the exoskeleton of the pest until it vital fluids are removed from its body. Then of coarse it then dies.The unhatched eggs are a different problem on their own.

As the borax crystals do not harm the outer casing,although the borax does stick to the eggs and this makes them easier for your vacuum to to pick up.Borax Fleas is a simple way to get the job done.

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to get rid of fleas in your home.By running a vacuum cleaner everyday or every other day.You help break up the life cycle of the flea.Just remember to empty the bag after each use.I don’t recommend that you do this,but I have stored my vacuum cleaner outside between use in order to save on bags. I do have a separate vacuum that I use just for sweeping up borax.

Tips on using borax Fleas:

1.Always start with a clean vacuum bag and empty it when you are done.
2.If possible open a couple of windows to keep the dust down.
3.Vacuum as often as you can
4.Let the borax set at least overnight,the longer the better.
5.On hardwood and vinyl floors use a broom to work it into cracks.
6.Block off rooms when applying Borax to them.
7.Keep your little one and pets out.
8.While your are doing the house,sprinkle borax in the yard and around the entire house.

If you are looking to Borax Fleas and have any question.Feel free to drop me a line.

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