Borax Fleas

Using borax  is not only a cheap way to get rid of fleas, but is also a very effective way to make them dead quick. I finally grew tired of wasting money and time on over the counter sprays and powders. That where not getting me anywhere. The first time I borax  fleas and left it sit overnight.The next morning after vacuuming there wasn’t a flea in site. I made a how to guide on this. It will take you through the steps just as I have always done it before in the past and it does work.This video is from the manufacturer it doesn’t mention killing fleas as a use. I wanted you to see the many uses and everything it can be used for and how safe it is.

What is Borax

Borax  like the one I use is nothing more than a laundry detergent additive. Not Boric acid.What you are looking for can be found in supermarkets or specialty shops. Borax is mined underground then refined in factories then crushed for home use. It is not any dangerous than any other detergent to you and your pets. Just treat it like cleaning product,just keep it up out of the way. Borax is also some what dehydrated so keeping out of any damp areas is a must.

How does Borax Fleas work

When fleas and their larvae come into contact with borax it etches into the skin begins to dry them out.Fleas like a damp,hot conditions. By removing the moisture from them and their surrounding area it is only a matter of time.Before all of them are gone. The only problem you have is treating every room in your home to get all of them.You can even use borax outside in your yard. This will not only kill the fleas, but ants as well.

Carpets and Hardwood Floorsborax fleas on hardwood floors

Using borax fleas on your carpets and wooden floors works the same. The application is a little different ,but the out come is the same. For carpets using a broom to work it down deep in the fibers and using a sweeping motion across hardwood to cover every square inch will work.As half of my home is hardwood and the up stirs is carpet I can vouch   ” They both work”.