Borax for Fleas ,To kill fleas in your home

Using borax for fleas

has been a part of my war on these unwanted guest for over 4 years. What I have found is it will kill fleas in all stages of it’s life cycle, from egg to larvae and adult .For years I tried everything on the market and some did work to kill adult fleas,but the eggs would hatch and the process would start over again.Flea bombs where ok if you wanted to leave the house with your pets for the day and exterminators are just out of my budget. We had one come to the house for a “free estimate” and he told us it would take 6 visits to kill all of them.This also included the yard as well. The only problem was they wanted over $1,000 dollars and there was no guarantee they would not return. Needless to say He walked away without a sale.

If you are here reading you must have a small problem with fleas.Why not try borax. It is only a laundry detergent

borax for fleas

borax for fleas

additive.It may cheap if you compare it to a brand name flea killer or so called one time treatment and it makes the room smell better. As for it being safe– I would rather use it than any other so called fleas killer for your home. As I have said before we live live with 5 pets and two of the cats we have raised from kittens and there have never been any side effects for any of them.Because if there ever was.Trust me …I would never hear the end of it or my wife would kill me one of the two. If you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to drop me a line in the comment box below.

Thanks for trying Borax for fleas and let me know how you did.

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