Borax to Kill Fleas

borax fleas 1Borax to kill fleas is a low cost and effective way to rid your house of fleas.Borax like 20 mule team laundry detergent is what we use to kill of fleas in our home and have kept them at bay for a number of years.The cost of borax is only a few dollars a box is a lot cheaper than any other flea powders,sprays or bombs. Although there is more effort and work involved, I would rather use it than forking out a hand full of cash for something that says it will work.

How Borax kills fleas

Borax it a desiccant. What that means is it absorbs moisture in this case the fleas and the larvae body fluids. It just really dries them out until they are dead. Borax is a natural product which comes from mines that dig it out of the ground. In it’s natural state before mining it is in rock form,which is later crushed to a powder. Even though it is a powder it still has fine crystal edges that cut into the fleas outer skin. Is is how it gets into their system.I think is is a fitting way to kill fleas as they fead of of pets by biting them and drinking their blood. Why not do the same to them.

Types of Fleas

Borax will kill the follow  types:

Borax to kill fleas should be used  by anyone who has pets or a flea problem in their home. If your ready to get started try out the How to Guide. If you have any questions or comments,just use the comment box below. Thanks and good luck!

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