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Using Borax to kill fleas and hot to use it


Homemade flea killer made with Borax to kill fleas

Homemade flea killer made with borax will kill these unwanted guests every time. Borax not boric acid can be purchased as ordinary laundry detergent.By far the most popular brand is 20 Mule Team. It has been around for as long as I can remember.My grandmother used it for a number of house hold cores.It is […]

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Does Borax kill fleas?

Does Borax kill fleas?┬áThe answer would have to be a yes. Every time I used Borax, not one time in four years has it let me down. As my wife and I live with 5 pets we have had several battles against fleas. Over the years I have always used the same steps on how […]

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Using Borax for Flea Control

About four years ago I came across an article on the Internet about using Borax to kill fleas. To me this was very appealing since the sprays and the “best flea powder that I can find” was not working for me I decided to read on a more about this topic. The other thing that […]

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Borax Fleas-Is it Safe for Pets?

Is borax safe for your pets,the answer is yes. Let’s make one thing clear borax laundry detergent not boric acid. I read a comment on another site where a woman’s cat had to have surgery from a brain tumor .afterwards it was discover the cat had boric acid in its system. There a big difference […]

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Where to buy borax for fleas

Borax is a commonly used laundry power made by 20 Mule Team by the Dial corporation with is sold under a few different names. Arm n hammer also has a similar product. All of these will work there is not one any better than the other. I prefer the 20 mule. It’s never let me […]

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