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Using Borax for home fleas control

What is the Life Cycle of Fleas and How to Break it

What is the Life Cycle of Fleas. There’s nothing as embarrassing as spotting a pest take an early morning jog across the sleeve of your shirt in the middle of a corporate presentation. You could wish it away all you want but the solution will always be to get rid of its source. No one […]

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Best Flea Treatment For Your Dog or Cat

We always want the very best whenever we choose among things. This also includes our choice to find the best flea treatment. We don’t wish to waste our time, effort, and cash using flea treatments that don’t work. It may be frustrating whenever your pet gets infested by the fleas. They’ll be on your pet’s […]

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Does Borax kill fleas?

Does Borax kill fleas?┬áThe answer would have to be a yes. Every time I used Borax, not one time in four years has it let me down. As my wife and I live with 5 pets we have had several battles against fleas. Over the years I have always used the same steps on how […]

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Using Borax for Flea Control

About four years ago I came across an article on the Internet about using Borax to kill fleas. To me this was very appealing since the sprays and the “best flea powder that I can find” was not working for me I decided to read on a more about this topic. The other thing that […]

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