Is Coconut Oil for Cats A Good Thing

coconut oil for catsCoconut Oil for Cats has continued to spread popularity as a precious and natural ingredient for cooking, skin care and much more. Wrapped with many health benefits, coconut oil is a great remedy for keeping our cats healthy. Most people have no doubt feeding it on their dogs; but trust me, coconut oil is a great weapon when it comes to keeping our cats healthy. After coconut oil has been extracted from matured coconuts, it can be processed in different ways. For the purpose of treating cats, I will be referring to virgin or extra virgin coconut oil.

How to-Coconut Oil for Cats

Is coconut oil good for cats? This is the question that I have been receiving now and then. Well, the coconut oil is good for your cat, and you will never go wrong with it. There are two ways that you can use to heal your cat using coconut oil; you can feed it orally or apply it typically on the cat’s skin. Let’s look at the two methods and see which will best suit your cat.

1. Feeding your cat coconut oil

Okay, feeding coconut oil to your cat could be the ultimate solution for its overall health and skin care. Start with a small amount of coconut oil and gradually increase with time. For an average-sized cats, start with quarter teaspoon once a day but for small cats, start with an eighth tablespoon.


· Feeding your cat too much coconut oil too soon could cause diarrhea.

· Most cats like the taste of coconut oil, but if yours won’t eat directly, try mixing it other food that they like.

If your aim to treat or prevent hairballs, you can give the remedy less often, such as three or four times a week.

2. Applying coconut oil topically on the cat’s skin

At some point, you may be prompted with the need to use coconut oil typically on your cat’s skin. This could be in the cases of skin response to infections, dryness and allergic reactions. For such cases, rub a generous amount on the cat’s skin focusing your attention on the most affected areas. Coconut oil is by far the best remedy for treating cat’s dry and itchy skin.

Benefits of using coconut oil for cats

· Boosts immune system

· Eliminates itchiness on cat’s skin

· Moisturizes dry skin

· It Promotes the overall health of the cat

· Helps achieve a healthy stomach

· Help with hairballs

· Reduce arthritis inflammation

Risks associated with using Coconut Oil for Cats

There shouldn’t be any problem associated with using coconut oil to treat your cat unless you have a very choosy cat. However, there are only two risks associated with feeding coconut oil to your cat:

· Stomach upsets

· Diarrhea

There is nothing big to shout about these two risks since they will only occur when you feed your cat a hefty amount of coconut oil. When you feed the right amount, I assure you nothing will come after your cat.

Final Verdict

We have seen how the Coconut Oil for Cats can be useful to our cats and for sure; adding some of it to your cat’s food could save you from calling the vet every week. Go ahead and try it out, I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed.

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