Does Borax kill fleas?

Does Borax kill fleas? The answer would have to be a yes. Every time I used Borax, not one time in four years has it let me down. As my wife and I live with 5 pets we have had several battles against fleas. Over the years I have always used the same steps on how to use borax the results have always been the same.

Borax is made up of fine crystals that scratch the outer skin of fleas and wicks away their bodily fluids. This is what kill them. Borax is not a poison like boric acid. It is a natural mineral found underground in the mid west.It is nothing more than a laundry detergent additive.

If you follow the steps and wait overnight or even 48 hours for more serious flea problems the results will impress most of you to say the least. Borax for fleas works on all surfaces like carpet,hardwood and even vinyl flooring . This is a lesson I have learned the second time I treated for fleas. I did the whole house from the front door to the back. All of were dead, I was wrong. What happened was they just kept retreating all the back to the garage, that had a concrete floor. I didn’t think they would stay on the cold concrete but they did.The dog was carrying them right back in. They didn’t make a come back but I did have to start over. Well.. my wife did. She said if you want something done right. You get the picture.

I look at Borax for fleas as a low cost-“cheap ” way to keep fleas out and our pets happy.If you have a flea problem just give it a try. All you have to lose is a few bucks and a lot of  fleas….

Does Borax kill fleas? Only one way for you to find out. It has worked for me in the past. So.. give it a try.

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