How to Borax Fleas in the Yard

Borax Fleas in the Yard is necessary if your pets are constantly running in and out of your house this maybe how they are getting in . Using borax in the yard might be the answer . Borax twenty mule team brand is nothing more than laundry soap additive. The only draw back to this keeping your dog or cat off the lawn for at least 24 hours . The way I do this is to break it down into sections. Start with the front yard, then wait a few days and get the back yard. I always mow the grass first.Cut your grass as low as you feel comfortable . This will get you closer to where the fleas live.

How to Borax Fleas in the yard

borax fleas yardLet’s get started. . As borax is basically a sponge and will pickup an water. A clear dry day with no rain in the forecast is required . Start by picking up anything you don’t want to have to clean up far as the application if you have a spreader that will work, I don’t have one and am not going to fork over the cash to get one either. I like to use a 5 gallon bucket or any one will do . Depending on the size of your yard will dictate the amount of Borax you need. I would call my yard average size and I use a medium box . I also use rubber gloves as cloth gloves will allow the powder to get on your hands. Starting in one outside corner of the yard. Grab a handful and with a low sidearm spread the Borax evenly over the entire yard. Now just give a day or two to work in and hopefully yor fleas problems are solved . Since we have always had pets I always Borax the yard in the Spring and agin in the fall. This seems to keep the fleas population out of my yard.
Using Borax fleas is just another way to fight the war on fleas.

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