How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

How to Get Rid of FleasHow to Get Rid of Fleas. Fleas are very diminutive parasites, which are usually prevalent in those coastal regions that are characterized with humid climates. They target a wide variety of organisms, including humans, whom they then plague with incessant bites. When left unchecked, these bites can pose serious health concerns such as never ending skin conditions, and in the extreme, deadly infections. To this end, it is always very important to ensure you take effectual measures if your home is threatened by fleas infestation. The size of these parasites can vary from that of a speck of salt to that of a grain of rice and they take on a sandy hue. This naturally explains why it is somewhat difficult to detect their presence.

Still, should you happen to remark something crawling on your body, high chances are that you are a fleas host. The bites they inflict you will normally serve 2 purposes. First of all, this provides them with the nourishment they need to thrive, and secondly, a practical means to embed their eggs on your person. These bites leave round, red blotches on your skin that itch badly, especially when touched or rubbed. Well then, here are some of the best and effective ways you can do away with fleas infestation in your home.

How to get rid of fleas

1. Apply the right pesticide all through your home

fleas like to hide in particular areas of the home. This, for the most part, includes on floors, carpets and even furniture items. So, take all the time you need to obtain an effective pesticide, which you can then spray in these areas of your home. To prevent exposing yourself and family to toxic chemical formulations, always settle for organic pesticides. These particular products usually set to work by attacking the nervous systems of these parasites, and can exterminate them within just a few hours after contact. When you are done, you should then take the necessary effort to suction off all the dead fleas and the eggs they might have laid with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Thoroughly vacuum your carpets and upholstery

How to Get Rid of FleasYou can as well get rid of these pests by thoroughly vacuuming the areas that they may be harboring in your home. Doing this can go a long way in enabling you to effortlessly dislodge fleas and their eggs from your carpets and upholstery. Both of which, like it was earlier mentioned, are too diminutive to be clearly detected visibly. Be very vigilant of the rooms and corridors in your home that receive frequent traffic. To be more thorough, make sure that you go through these areas at least one time each day to be able to completely rid your home of fleas infestation. For your thick carpets and rugs, you can make use of a brush head attachment to efficiently eliminate the pests that are stuck within their fibers. Afterwards, always make it a point to empty, or even better, throw away the vacuum bags you utilize.

3. Wash all used clothes and bedding

These parasites can easily remain hidden in the seams as well as folds of clothes and bedding. The moment you detect any sign of infestation, you should immediately set to work by cleaning all your used clothes and bedding. For every load you place in your washing machine, utilize hot water along with a potent detergent. Also, like it was previously noted, these pests thrive in humid coastal regions. Therefore, after each trip to the beach, make sure you wash towels together with other beach gear, the minute you arrive home.

4. Watch your pets for signs of fleas infestation

Granted, many land based animals are not very susceptible to fleas infestation. Still, pets such as dogs or even cats that have thick fur can be able to carry these parasites into your home without your notice. So, if you really wish to shun fleas from your home, take it upon yourself to examine your pets for signs of infestation. Some of the most telltale signs include bite marks or even swellings. You should, at the same time, be very attentive to symptoms such as incessant scratching or licking, on the part of your pet. Both of which can strongly imply he or she is being beleaguered by these merciless parasites.

In spite of been a tiresome endeavor, your absolute vigilance can make sure your home remains free of these pests. Should your pet manifest any of these signs of hosting fleas, you should move quickly by washing them with pet shampoo and warm water. Then when you are done, thoroughly towel them or blow dry their fur. After doing this, you ought to cover their fur with an appropriate anti flea medication. This will let you effectively prevent further fleas infestation. Finally, should you highly suspect your pet is carrying fleas eggs, you should consider taking them to your vet for more minute examination and treatment at the earliest convenience.


By following these simple tips, you can be able to get rid of fleas infestation in your home in a stress-free manner. On a parting shot, you should as well make it a point to vacuum all items, which feature soft, porous surfaces on them. This can make sure that undetected parasites will not find a safe haven in them. Some of the most notable can include `items such as pillows, blankets, soft fabric toys or even the beds your pet lies in. You should seriously consider applying the areas of your home that your pet finds repose in with a suitable organic pesticide too. However, when you are done, always ensure you then vacuum the affected areas minutely.

Doing this will prevent your pet from accidentally ingesting any substances that can do them any harm. Finally, be very cautious of where you take your pet. fleas are commonly to be found in warm and wet coastal climes, and are active from late at night to early in the morning. So, if you like to walk your pet in such areas, ensure you do so during the daytime. Additionally, stick to sidewalks and areas with tall grass to reduce the chances of your pet catching these parasites.

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