How to Kill Fleas In Carpet-The Right Way

How to Kill Fleas In CarpetHow to Kill Fleas In Carpet. Is your carpet infested by fleas? It must be traumatizing but you’ll be pleased to know that there is an efficient way of getting rid of the tiny pests. Fleas are known to multiply fast and before you know it, the infestation will be out of control and your home inhabitable. The worst thing about fleas is that they are harmful to humans as well as pets. This is especially so where small children are concerned. One of their most preferred breeding spots is carpets because it is warm and a favorable spot to multiply.

Getting rid of a flea infestation on a carpet may be quite a challenge. Some burrow deep into the fibers of the carpet hence difficult to get to. If your carpet is colored, it will be difficult to spot these tiny pests. It is advisable to get rid of fleas as soon as they appear. The longer they stay and breed, the more problematic their elimination will be. However, with the correct procedure, the process will be a success.

How to Kill Fleas In Carpet

1. Vacuum the Carpet
The first step to effectively getting rid of a flea infestation is vacuuming the carpet. You could start off the process by simply sweeping over the carpet to get rid of the fleas on the surface of the fibers. However, you will need to use a nozzle to effectively get rid of them all. Avoid running all over the running with the nozzle attachment. You need to work in a systematic order. Start from one side and vacuum and vacuum one strip after the other until the entire carpet is covered.
Pay close attention to corners and edges as they are likely to be hidden in these areas. This is why the nozzle comes in handy. Feel free to sweep one more time if you still aren’t convinced of their elimination. Pay special attention to wet areas and spots which your pet prefers to hang out.

2. Vacuum the Upholstery
If your carpet is infested, chances are that your furniture is infested as well especially if your cat prefers zoning out on the sofa. It is therefore advisable to thoroughly vacuum them and replace the seat covers. Play close attention to the underside and the base of the furniture as they are likely to be crowded there. If you do not vacuum the furniture, chances are that the fleas will re-infest your carpet hence forcing you to repeat the entire process. How tedious!

3. Dispose of the Dirt Bag Appropriately
If you are satisfied with the vacuuming and there are no signs of fleas in your carpet, detach the dirt bag. Tie a tight knot on top and get rid of it appropriately. Emptying the contents in a bin will free the little guys who will eventually get back to your house and re-infest your carpet. In this case, you can burn the bag along with all its contents. Put the loose couch covers in a bag and store them in a freezer. You could alternatively launder the items under high temperature. These methods work because fleas cannot withstand such extreme temperatures.
If your vacuum cleaner uses a canister in place of a bag, carefully empty the canister contents into a plastic waste bag then dispose the contents appropriately.

4. Steam Clean
Did you know that you could also use a steam cleaner to get rid of these biting pests in your carpet? Yes, you could. If you do not have a steam cleaner, you could rent one from your local home appliance store. The high temperature is guaranteed to kill the fleas along with any eggs in your carpet. In this case, ensure that you steam clean the surrounding areas as well, for instance, under furniture, pet bed and your pet’s favorite lounge spot.

5. Clean your pets bedding
Your carpet most likely got the infestation in the first place through your pet. It is therefore advisable to thorough clean your pet’s bedding. Use the sanitary cycle option. Choose the hottest dryer setting to as to efficiently kill all the fleas and eggs. Repeat this procedure on a daily basis until your carpet is free of all infestation.

Inviting guests over and watching them helplessly scratching these pests off their skin is painfully embarrassing. Although a flea infestation is a torturous experience for all inhabitants of a home, you will achieve success if your remain vigilant in the elimination process. You could also use flea remedies such as the use of borax to kill the fleas. If the infestation gets out of hand, consider hiring an exterminator. Remember, the longer the infestation, the harder it will be to eliminate the fleas.

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