Using Borax for Flea Control

About four years ago I came across an article on the Internet about using Borax to kill fleas. To me this was very appealing since the sprays and the “best flea powder that I can find” was not working for me I decided to read on a more about this topic. The other thing that interested me was of its low-cost and it’s not a man made poisonous flea spray. Of course right after I read the article and you’ll have to forgive me I cannot remember where I found it I’m probably will never find it again. I went to town and visited my local Wal-Mart which they did have Borax or should I say 20 mule team Borax laundry detergent.
After returning home from the store I immediately started to implement the information that I had found on how to kill fleas and if you haven’t read my how-to guide on how to kill fleas with Borax just click this link. As for me it worked I didn’t have any problems thereafter and I didn’t have to apply it the second time. It’s not that I had a flea infestation they were just being a nuisance. It seem like every time I would sit down and my favorite recliner to watch TV one or two what happened to jump on me. And this aggravated me to know end.

The important thing was all i did was to sprinkle some on the carpet, couch on the cushions and under them. Let it set overnight the next morning as I’m usually the first one up vacuumed very thoroughly and put everything else back in his place. After that -well I went back and vacuum it again and if you ask my wife well she did tell you ,I am just that way. That night sit down around 8 o’clock finish for the day hopped in my recliner and waited. After almost 2 hours which I didn’t get up as I was afraid it I would miss one. Not one single flea was in the living room. And and for this to convince me that it did work. I did find this video on YouTube which the guy explains how it works and why it works. I have pretty much done the same thing but if you like me saying it is a lot easier to comprehend and just reading a page.



Using Borax to control fleas

It’s this is just one step in the process of getting fleas out of your house. If you have pets and they do pick up fleas from being outside in the yard or from other animals or evenĀ  other pets you need to attack them , not just when I get a bad you can’t stand it anymore. But like I have done part of a weekly ritual that I continue to this day and have not had any fleas back in my house since then.
The one most single important piece of advice I can give do anyone on how to keep their house free of fleas ,is vacuum on a regular basics . Because if you look at a fleas lifecycle and if you can interrupt that stage from when there’re an egg to larva you can keep them from getting a foothold in your house. Either myself or my wife vacuums every day. I’m not saying you have to vacuum everyday but it is a good practice and a habit to get into if you had time to do it. If it were just me I couldn’t do it everyday but between the two of us we can’t. And I’m not talking about vacuum the entire house everyday one room every day vacuum it will help immensely in keeping these post pesky critters under control
Using Borax for flea control is an excellent way to kill off and the keep away flees from you and your paths again if you have any questions or comments feel Free and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible thanks.

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