Where to buy borax for fleas

Borax is a commonly used laundry power made by 20 Mule Team by the Dial corporation with is sold under a few different names. Arm n hammer also has a similar product. All of these will work there is not one any better than the other. I prefer the 20 mule. It’s never let me down I. The past. You can check with Walmart and lowes or smaller retailers offend will have it . If you can’t get it anywhere around you or if you are like me and order online . I like the big 6 pack box which i cant get here.I order it from amazon .Why? You only have to open one pack at a time. The rest stay sealed. Since borax is partially dehighdrated From the factory moisture will cut down on its effectiveness . This is what kills the fleas. It removes the fluids from their body. I still have three packs that I haven’t used yet and they are over a year old .
With some doing you should be able to find borax near you. Just go to the laundry detergent section of your favorite store . If they don’t have it ,ask to see if they could order it for you. Lowes has a cleaning department where you may find a few boxes. Just remember to keep it in a cool dry place.If you want the 6 pack box and cant find it. try here-Twenty Mule Team Borax, 76 oz. boxes, pack of 6 it does cost $33.00,but I find it lasts long than a open box.

Borax fleas will keep your house flea free.

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